As of 2020, the basic objectives of OIB, with its total of 6136 active members all over Turkey in the 45 provinces.

About OIB
The Uludag Automotive Industry Exporters' Association (OIB) was formed in 1991 under the title of Uludag Vehicle and Auxiliary Industry Exporters' Association (UTAYSIB) with 246 members and exports of $163 million under the umbrella of the Uludag Exporters' Association. As of 2020, OIB has 6136 active memberships and it is the sole export representative of the automotive industry, the locomotive of the country's total exports. All exporting main and supplier industry companies in the automotive sector in Turkey are members of OIB, which is a union of coordination for automotive sector exporters.
About event
Get opportunity to meet leading Turkish autoparts manufacturing companies with world class facilities and global client base, members at OIB.
Event is supported by Ministry of Trade & OIB to enhance bilateral trade and investment with United Kingdom and Germany.

Uludağ Automotive Industry Exporters' Association (OİB)

1.46 Million
Number of vehicles produced in Turkey.
Number of tier-one suppliers in Turkey.
15 billion
Total investment volume of global brands in the Turkish automotive industry since 2000.

Reasons of doing business with Turkey

Commercial vehicle production in Europe.
Rank 14th in the global automotive production.
Over 30 billion
Over 30 billion USD automotive export

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